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So basically we’ve connected the world through technology that makes us feel more disconnected than ever before. Something’s not adding up.

I consult investors, marketers, designers & engineers dedicated to marketing and designing better tech-products & brands that are tailor-made to suit the market.

“Keeping an eye on trends to predict which technologies, products and services will pop in the marketplace is this avowed futurist’s stock in trade.”
— Adweek Magazine

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“Of all the people we’ve met, no one has impressed us more regarding how to best apply our concept to our target market.”
— Dave Zilko, Operating partner, Huron Capital
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My Story:

I got my start as an entrepreneur in 2014 and founded a wildly popular female lifestyle brand that went viral on instagram and became a six-figure business within a year (which I later sold in 2018).

Since then I’ve published a book for frustrated artists/creatives struggling with social media called “RESONATE": For Anyone Who Wants To Build an Audience”.

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I also produced a mini-documentary called Attention For Saleor “ATTN4$” about the harmful social consequences of ad-business models.

And lastly, I’ve built a personal brand with an online readership of over 30,000+ passionate artists, thinkers and entrepreneurs. My Youtube channel and newsletter is where I send fresh thoughts and ideas about technology, business and culture.

Here are some of my most popular videos:

A bit of my personal background…

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I’m from Brooklyn, New York but I’ve pretty much been bicoastal my entire life, spending time between New York and the Bay Area (currently in Brooklyn now). I’ve been using the internet since I was two. My dad is in technology which had a huge influence on me growing up. I love to write poetry and personal essays. It’s my passion for writing that led me to be more sensitive about some of the social effects we’re facing via poorly designed tech. My biggest influences are Neil Postman, Marshall McLuhan, Alan Watts and Steve Jobs.