The Difference Between Controlled Traffic, Uncontrolled Traffic and Paid Traffic

Everybody wants "traffic" because it sounds good, but all traffic is not equal. There are types that you should not waste too much of your time on and there are types that will be completely useless to you.

As you venture into creative ideas to get your ideal customer to notice your content, you will need to understand the difference between controlled traffic, rabbit-hole traffic and paid traffic. Knowing the differences, will cut your learning time in half and begin attracting people sooner.

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is obviously when you invest money in a digital ad (Facebook, Google, etc). Paid ads can be a great investment for your business when you are confident about it attracting compatible leads. The problem is, most people buy ads without doing initial research on who their ideal customer is and what it will take to attract them. If you've done this research then make sure to use words, symbols, images and fonts that you know will appeal to your ideal customer to get them to stop and stare. You are competing with thousands of other ads on a daily basis, so keep that in mind as you are designing it.

Rabbit Hole Traffic

Rabbit-hole traffic is when some one just so happens to find you from exploring around the internet. We've all done it. We go to one website which leads us to plenty more. Then there are times when you search something and you discover a new blog. Rabbit hole traffic is a nice perk when it comes to traffic but because it's so hard to scale and monitor, I don't recommend you spend too much time trying to get it. Most people think that they're content will be "discovered" and magically go viral through rabbit-hole traffic. I think it's a bad strategy, especially for running a business.

Controlled Traffic

This is the best possible traffic you can have. Controlled traffic is technically traffic you "own", which means you have instant access to this traffic by a way of emailing or even posting on social media.

The goal to is to get as much of your paid traffic and rabbit-hole traffic to turn into controlled traffic so that you have way more control on how to market and sell to this audience. 

You can get controlled traffic by placing irresistible "call to actions" on your website which make people exchange their email address for a free goodie. Social media audiences are technically controlled traffic as well, since you have "instant access" to them but it's not as reliable as an email list. Social media platforms get popular and unpopular every few years so getting your followers to sign up for your email list is always your best bet.

The bigger your email list is, the more money you are likely to make.