Why Inbound Marketing Is The Best Marketing (And How To Get Started)

Please tell me you're with the program. Please tell me that you understand that traditional forms of marketing (interrupting, tricking, deceiving etc.) are lethal forms of marketing for your business. If you're a content creator, if you're a person who is looking to create, then you need to meet your new best friend: Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a fairly new-ish marketing concept that is all about getting ideal customers to come knocking on your door instead of you knocking on theirs.
For example, when you watch TV, or even YouTube, in order to get the good stuff, you also have to get the ads too. Now you may like the ads, but I'm going to guess that most of the time they drive you crazy. 
You didn't turn this stuff on to watch an ad, you turned it on to watch something entertaining or interesting.
That's what OUTbound marketing is. 
It's an ad you didn't ask for. It's an ad you didn't want. It's an ad that feels forced. I think it's safe to say that <strong>the majority of ads feel forced, right? An ad will always feel forced if:
It's directed at the wrong person
It's coming at the wrong time

It's selling the wrong thing.

That's the beauty with inbound marketing. It's about treating the potential consumer with way more respect by doing more research on:

Who they are
Being careful about when to approach them
Selling something they want.

For example, let's say you see a blog post about a particular topic you care about. Each line has you more and more interested. You get to the bottom and see that just by entering your email address, you can get even more of this customized, valuable content that only a person like you can cherish.

So of course, duh, you enter your email. And you build a bond with this person/brand. You count on them for juicy info. Even if you don't get to open up all the emails, you are happy that you follow them on social media. It feels like you found a gem. Then somewhere down the line, they offer to sell something to you. It's the exact thing you've been waiting for. It's in your price range. You buy it. Boom. Done.

Welcome to the savvy and ethical world of inbound marketing, where everyone is happy. The seller's are a bit more exhausted, but we're happy because we know a good reputation is worth more than solid gold. The question is, are you willing to put in the work that it takes to build one?

In my course NICHE, I talk about how the power of the consumer has changed. It used to be that buyers were at the mercy of a very limited collection of media companies and the this-is-for-everybody ads they wanted to blast.

Now, that access has been smashed into billions of little pieces (literally), causing regular folks, like me or you, to sell our message to the world. It's exciting, empowering honestly, but<strong> it takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of patience and care, which most people don't have.

That's why if you're a person who thrives with creative freedom, this is your time. Because people are more interested than ever before to buy things that feel customized, unique and fitting. There has never been a time in history with so much leverage to appeal and please the consumer so don't mess it up.

In order to get your inbound marketing plan started, you'll need to do a few things: 
Come up with an irresistible "call to action"
Invest in creating a writing habit
Focus on giving, not taking

Just by doing these three things, you'll build a strong foundation to attract your ideal customers and ripen their buying potential every time you drop a product.
The "reputation" will be one of the next major currencies as we continue to advance and change our culture. Invest in it today so it will be easier tomorrow.