The Creative Process (Broken Down)


Step 1:

Imagination - This is when you get a creative idea. Very Euphoric. Inspiring. Optimistic. Exhilarating. Most people describe themselves as "creatives" because they participate in this phase. 

Step 2:

Effort - If you make it past the imagination phase, you will try to get your vision in the real world. This is sobering. Difficult. Frustrating. Most of it has to deal with how well you can unleash the ego. 


Step 3:

Result - Most people don't make it to this phase. If you managed to get your creative vision into the real world, you have a result. You might like it. You might not. The point is, you got it out. 

Congrats. Keep going. 

Creativity starts with your imagination.

People assume that because they can use their imagination, that they must be “creative”.

Okay wait.

To be creative means to create something in the world that wasn’t there before.

It’s not the process of imagining spectacular things.

It’s the process of somehow pulling that spectacular thing, like a parade balloon, out from the realm of your imagination into the dry, sober, 3-D world.

The world that has fruitcake and blood and scary hospital walls.

The world that has legal fees and sandpaper and pinchy jeans.

To get down it here, it has to travel through the wrath of your ego.

It has to get past the “this is uglys” and the “you are stupids”.

Oh, you thought creativity was in imagining your splendid ideas? No.

The art is not in thinking it, the art is in getting it to safely land in the realm that rest of us could see it in.

The realm that the rest of us could figure out what the hell you were talking about.