The Idea Pile


Have you ever made an idea pile?

It sort of goes like this: 

First you think, “I want to do this.”

It could be writing a book, starting a company or a blog, whatever.

Then you think “but before I do that, I should read this.” 

And then you think “but before I read that, I should take this class.” 

And then you think “but before I take the class, I should sit down and make a plan.” 

And within a matter of seconds, you’ve now made an idea pile.


You took your original idea and shoved all these other actions and tasks in between where you are now and where your starting point is, which builds a silent relief.

Like “Ah, good. That big old project is far enough away for me to get away with not doing anything today.”

You get to bask in the safety of your inexperience and your lack of knowledge. You get to make the case that you’re "far from ready", that you’re no where near getting started.

And the truth is, you're right.

With that way of thinking, you're right.