Chase Fascination. Not Happiness.


To "win" for most means fame and fortune.

What often gets neglected is fascination

Just because the man is moving fast, doesn't mean he's chasing anything.

He might be running away. 

Behind him are the murky fears that his life will be useless, miserable or even worse, boring.

So, he runs with vigor towards the big shiny things. Some think he wants to be rich. Some think he wants to be famous.

What he really wants, is to be fascinated


Is fascination all that we're really looking for?

Being fascinated is not the same thing as being happy.

You can be angry and fascinated at the same time. You can be disgusted and fascinated at the same time. But can you be sad an fascinated at the same time? 

Is depression a lack of happiness or a lack of fascination? 

Is fame and fortune the goal we chase or is boredom the misery we run away from? 

What if instead of searching for happiness, we sought fascination? 

It doesn't take much. Take a look around.


A quick mental assemblage can turn a dull plant into a vibrant, erected fiber that managed to spiral itself from dirt.

Will you allow yourself to be fascinated about it?

Just because something is normal, doesn't mean it's not amazing. 

Alex Wolf