Creative Wealth Workshop by Alex Wolf


A full-day workshop teaching artists profitable business models that will give
them creative freedom while maintaining the integrity of their work.
Hosted by Alex Wolf.

saturday, September 28th, 2019



Dear creative, there is no one coming to save you - but I think you know that. The market isn’t kind to artists, but it is kind to risk-takers who know their work is good enough to provide them with success, comfort and fulfillment. You’ve got the talent, now it’s time to learn the skills.


- The three most profitable business models for creatives and how to properly execute each one-

-What you have a leg up on as a creative during negotiations and how to leverage that value in deals-

- How to decide which business models fit best with your work and creative style-

BONUS: [Worksheet] Profitable Business Model Strategy-Planning Checklist

“Alex Wolf has helped us gain deeper insight into our consumer to make a tailored business model which has increased our overall engagement and sales for our creative products.”
— Travis Weekes (Driven Society)
Hosted in a private location in NYC

Hosted in a private location in NYC

Who this workshop is for: 
- Music artists
- Visual artists
- Writers
- Designers 
- Boutique owners
- Anyone who has a creative brand that they’d like to monetize by selling directly to consumers



A small intimate group of creatives who are focused and ready to learn (spots ARE limited so reserve now)! This is also NOT a fancy course telling you to set up a Patreon account. We’ll be unpacking more innovative business structures that successful artists like Jay-Z, Rihanna and Nipsey Hussle have used to build their empires. Even if you apply them on a smaller scale they can still be super helpful for you and your brand. We’ll also be exploring the history of creative business models so that you can identify which ones worked, which ones stopped working, why they stopped working and how you can make sure yours is always protected from disruption.

“Keeping an eye on trends to predict which technologies, products and services will pop in the marketplace is [Alex's] stock in trade.”
—Adweek Magazine


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Nine times out of ten when I ask a creative “What’s your business model?” they choke up. They don’t have one and it’s usually because they’re too overwhelmed to figure it out. They want to focus on the passion and hope it all works out. I can promise you, any wealthy creative you look up to did not do it that way. There’s always business people involved. You can either figure out how to screw this yourself, or get screwed.

I’ve always been really picky about business models. To me there’s no point of starting a business unless the profit structure makes sense, especially if you’re a creative. I started Boss Babe when I was 21 and built it into a profitable subscription and retail business within 6-months. Since then, I’ve been helping other creatives figure out which business models to use in a way that feels comfortable for them.


Don’t miss this rare-opportunity of Alex giving an intensive full-day workshop in person. Alex has been named one of the “Top 100 Most Creative People in Business” by Fast Company Magazine, A “Top Creative Entrepreneur In Marketing and Media,” by Inc. Magazine and Adweek's “Top 20 Influencers Who Radiate Creativity & Get Everyone Talking.” She is an award-winning entrepreneur and author of “RESONATE: For Anyone Who Wants To Build An Audience”.  

“[Alex] really gets it— at a human level. Biz became very jargonized but Wolf gets it and communicates it simply which is the real measure of understanding.”
— John Henry, Host of HUSTLE on VICE
“Alex helped me save so much time by showing me how to use my strengths to build a brand where my followers and customers actually trust me and look forward to buying all my creative projects.“
— Leah Kirsch (Founder of Leah Kirsch Street Wear)

$999 to reserve your seat.
limited seats available.

Satisfaction guaranteed.


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“Making money is art and good business is the best art.”
— Andy Warhol