Creative Wealth Workshop by Alex Wolf

Creative Wealth Workshop by Alex Wolf


A full-day workshop teaching artists profitable business models that will give
them creative freedom while maintaining the integrity of their work. Hosted by Alex Wolf. LIMITED SEATS AVAILABLE.


  • The three most profitable business models for creatives and how to properly execute each one

  • What you have a leg up on as a creative during negotiations and how to leverage that value in deals

  • How to decide which business models fit best with your work and creative style

  • BONUS: Profitable Business Model Strategy-Planning Checklist

Walk away confident about your game plan:
There’s so many more ways to monetize your brand than setting up a Patreon. We’ll be unpacking the business structures successful artists like Jay-Z, Rihanna and Nipsey Hussle have used to build their empires. Even if you apply them on a smaller scale they can still be super helpful for your brand. We’ll also be exploring the history of creative business models so that you can identify which ones worked, which ones stopped working, why they stopped working and how you can make sure yours is always protected from disruption.

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