Am I Allowed To Like Anything?

I was interviewed by journalist & savvy early adopter Darian Harvin (she interviewed Cardi B before she was cool). We talked about Shiggy, The Internet, being a desperate millennial … you know, the youdge. She’s just so good at what she does that it turned out to be a really authentic conversation.



Chop It Up Show

I was interviewed by the host of VICE’s “Hustle” show, John Henry and almost choked on a cookie when he said Mark Zuckerberg was "fantastic at product". :) Good episode for tech/startup and business folks.  

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WeWork Atlanta

I flew down to Atlanta to have this special talk about “Social Technology: A Conversation about Human Nature & Culture” with host Kay Parchia. We talked about why so many artists have a distain for social media and how creatives can grow a loving audience.

alex wolf wework.jpg


One Could Argue Podcast

A long, conversational episode by host and manager at world-famous Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta, Kyle Johnson. We talk about the iPhone being “outdated”, the pressure to be an influencer and how you can get by in our culture “as a shell”.

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Leaders Create Leaders

I sat down the Instagram’s fave & co-founder of Elite Daily, Gerard Adams. We spoke about my journey into entrepreneurship, what it takes to have “influence” online and the psychographic of the “new American Adult.”

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