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“Keeping an eye on trends to predict which technologies, products and services will pop in the marketplace is this avowed futurist’s stock in trade.”
— Adweek Magazine

Crowned by TEDx as a “Tech-Philosopher”, Alex Wolf has been using the internet since she was two and started building businesses and e-commerce sites while still in high school. At 21 she dropped out of college to build what would become the fastest growing digital network of female millennials entrepreneurs online with a following totaling up in the millions. 

By 25 she sold the digital empire and was swiftly named as a “Top 100 Most Creative People In Business” by Fast Company Magazine. “Adweek’s Top 20 Influencers Who Radiate Creativity & Get Everyone Talking” and Inc. Magazine’s “Top Creative Entrepreneurs in Marketing & Media”.

Since then she’s been advising the world’s best investors, marketers & designers on how to market, brand and design creative consumer-facing products.

In 2018 she authored her best-selling book “Resonate: For Anyone Who Wants To Build An Audience” as a guide for artists and creative entrepreneurs who are struggling with social media. 

Wolf has built an organic and intellectually curious audience of 30,000+ creative entrepreneurs, artist and designers. Her Youtube Channel has been noticed by some of the most powerful people in technology and includes works like her self-produced mini-doc ATTN4$, and other visual dissertations explaining her thoughts on tech-philosophy, media and society